Our Mission

Innovationorbit is about innovation and the magic of cultural diversity, which result in various kinds of creativity. Humankind has developed a plethora of cultural characteristics; our task – and our duty – is to preserve this heritage. It is the precondition of our future prosperity. The courses will deepen your insight into the ties and bonds between cultural diversity, human capability, and innovation. Find out more on our Fact Sheet.

„Successful Innovation Systems
– a Resource-oriented and Regional Perspective for Policy and Practice“

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Brief list of FAQs

Why should you join a course?

The aim of the program “Global Innovation Expert” is to increase participants´ understanding of how innovation processes are organized within enterprises, research organizations and regional/national ecosystems. Participants of the program shall understand the differences of innovation ecosystems across global regions. The differences in culture will get them a deeper understanding about how regions innovate and where the strengths and weaknesses are. The contents are made of:

  • the way other regions innovate
  • the ecosystem that paves the way for future developments
  • the cultural frameworks that speed up or slow down progress

After the course program and travelling with the classmates, participants will have a better understanding of the differences of innovation cultures between the respective regions. They learn to understand the elements of regional innovation systems and to compare and contrast structures and processes of innovation management in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

What is included in the course fee?

The course fee contains according to the terms the participation in the respective course module and one social event per region. Furthermore, the course material is included in the course fee, as well as transportation within the region.

Per day fee 1.400,- € / US $
11.000,- Yuan (RMB)

Is there logistic assistance?

Innovation Orbit will take care of the transportation within the region of the training modules. Travelling to the region and between the modules as well as the hotel accommodations are not included in the fees. Innovationorbit will provide recommendations for the delegation hotel as well as logistic recommendations for flights; especially for the flights between the modules that can be taken by other participants as well in order to spend more time together and to lower travelling costs. You can either make your own travel arrangements or you contact our travel partner “Tierra Incognita” for support.

What can be your individual findings in this global executive management education?

There is a global accordance of executive management professionals to foster innovation in their institutions. Innovation is to find a new product for a market or a new market for an existing product. One of the most important elements across all the global innovation regions is how to address the respective market. What is the consumer need? Do I understand the priorities of how consumers take their decisions? The regional innovation system provides the answer step by step, lecture by lecture, seminar by seminar you will understand more about the background functions of innovation in the respective region. The course will also connect you to fellow participants of an innovation culture that is new to you. Use the breakout sessions and side events to learn how they define management and leadership in their innovation culture. And don´t forget, they are also interested in your expert background. It will end in a mutual understanding.

Is the set of courses always the same?

The destinations vary from year to year due to the changing dynamics of the innovation hot-spots. Some of the modules have been in the program many years, others are new. Not every module will be in the schedule every year.